“There is nothing to writing, all you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed”

– Ernest Hemingway

California- Downtown LA  – Santa Monica Beach

Hello Readers!

Welcome to my blog, i am Nicole.

As a passionate writer and an aspiring graphic designer, i thought what better way to get into the media industry than starting my very own blog- Remember, big dreams all have small beginnings!

This will be my space to write about all my thoughts, travels and adventures that i hope you will enjoy reading as much as i enjoy writing it.

You’ll most probably see A LOT of photography on here too as i am a massive photography enthusiast!

But before you get to reading my work, let me tell you a bit about myself

1.I am a Pisces  spiritual, imaginative and devoted

2. i am from a small town in Essex

3. I adore geography and love to learn about the world we live in – i am a loyal subscriber to National Geographic and can not wait to travel more.

4. Ive always wanted to play the Saxaphone

5.I Live for food, its great! – it makes our days so much better and brings everyone together- i love experimenting with fresh and vegan food!

6. I am an ex Gymnast, achieving my silver award at the Carousel School Of Gymnastics for Girls.

7. I am a fitness freak. working out and being healthy is such a boost to your mind, body and soul. With my Fitbit counting my steps and love for swimming in the evenings, exercise has never been so effortless.

8. I am one of six children. Yes, three sister and two brothers!

9. I adore my three dogs; Rufus, Chip and Bea. You’ll often see them all over my social media and often find me out on walkies with them. With your dogs and a camera, what can go wrong.

10. I am a massive animal activist. converting to veganism, ensuring i only purchase cruelty free products and boycotting fur, i do everything in my power to ensure i play my little part in changing the world

Anyway, i hope you enjoy my page, thank you for all your support and happy blogging!

Nicole xox