Budget VS Branded Lens

Comparing the Quality and Results between a high end, branded macro lens and a budget compactible macro lens extension. Perfect for creating proffesional pictures while saving the pennies.

Marco photography is merely breath taking. It’s a shot type that captures simply what the human eye fails to see in everyday life.

The extreme close up magnifies such detail within an object and creates such a dramatic shot it almost seems surreal.


Because of how amplified the photo needs to be in order to display the detail, a regular lens is unable to do this. Therefore, you need to purchase a macro lens- which can turn out to be quite pricey.

As part of an experiment, I decided to purchase a cheap budget macro lens off amazon and then borrowed a family friends Nikon macro lens to take the same photos and make a comparison.


Believe it or not, Canon and Nikon macro lenses can run from anything between £150-£650. Whereas I payed £30 for one off amazon. Although this wasn’t a proper lens, it’s a clip on\ compatible extension that goes in front of a regular lens.

I still feel like it was just as effective. The photo you see above is taken on my camera using the compactible extension and as you can see you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.


Personally I saw this as a great purchase. Anyone who is on a budget or just starting out, I would recommend this to.




not all my photography


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  1. taphian says:

    very beautiful gallery

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    1. nicolelycett says:

      Thank you so much x

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