Chaos In Camden Markets

To celebrate my lovely boyfriends 18th birthday, we decided a trip to Camden town was an absolute must ( especially as he hasn’t been there before in his 18 years of living ?!)

Me and the boyfriend after our successful purchases of a crystal necklace with eachother a birthstones.
So on a Monday morning, after his birthday breakfast we decided to head on out.

When we got there me being me had to capture some quirky little shots of the town while we went along browsing through the hustling and bustling markets.

What I loved about these two pictures above is that they are taken on the bridge in both directions! It’s just the top one looks like a peaceful romantic little setting and the other one looks like typical London with cranes in the background and litter everywhere!

I always managed to snap up some cute pictures of al the hidden street art around Camden. I loved these two pictures above especially as it’s little pockets of art added into everyday life things- like the shutters of a shop and the brick wall.

But then, on the opposite scale you have the huge wall graffiti that you couldn’t miss!

Even accessorize, one of the most mainstream stores, looks so unique.

I just love the vibe the high street gives!. So many groups and cultures, but a place for every single face

I think it’s pretty cool that all theee cultures that come together in one community are joined by a passion that everyone loves -food!

I’ve always said food brings people together!

The smell of all these different foods on the market was unreal.

After a good old walk round, we settled for a little pot of noodles. (It was defiantly the right choice might I add!)

After a fantastic day of market walking, photography and mini purchases it was safe to say we had the best day!

Happy 18th to my lovely boyfriend Charlie


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