A Postcard From Paris 

“Paris is always a good idea” – Audrey Hepburn

There is nothing quite like seeing the city of love in the pouring rain.

i cannot believe it has nearly been a year since i went to this beautiful capital and that i still haven’t wrote about it. so close to home, yet so different, you wouldn’t believe England and France are in arms reach of each other.

although i have been to France several times in the past, i have never cared to stop by this romantic capital until last year- and thank god i finally got round to it might i add!

on the way back from Disney land Paris we decided to stop by to enjoy the views of this cultured city before boarding the euro star. Fortunately enough I fell asleep the entire journey!

with the Eiffel tour to climb, the trendy shops and all the delicate architecture to admire within three hours i decided to start with the Eiffel tour.

as strange as it may sound, the Eiffel Tour in real life was a lot smaller than i expected- non the less, it was still enjoyable.

i remember how cold i was going up the tour. in torrential rain and being up high, i was frozen!

it was all worth it though! despite the foggy sights, the views was absolutely breath taking. due to the heavy rain and winds the top of the tour was shut, so these shots were snapped only from half way!

Oh and obviously, me being me, we HAD to stop for a little snack on the way down! this, by far had to be the best pizza i have ever had abroad!



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