The Rule Of Thirds

First and foremost, it’s important to know what composition actually is.


It initially describes the placement of objects featured within the photo. However they are arranged in a visually pleasing way in order to make the photo effective and look satisfying. This technique is known commonly throughout the photography world as it’s a very efficient way of making your photos look good on a professional level.

There is many different subcategories that make up composition. There is over 20 different techniques photographers can use to create a composing photo, some of the, being ‘use of symmetry and ‘use of negative space’.


The general purpose of each technique is to give the image a depth and perspective, especially the technique ‘framing and image’. composition can also create points of interest through the ‘use of diagonal lines and geometric shapes’.

In this article I will be aiming to teach you about the composition technique ‘rule of thirds’.

The rule of thirds is probably the most commonly known composition technique used amongst photographers and definitely the most well-known out of them all.

The concept is quite simplistic really. The technique consists of using a three by three grid to place certain parts of your image relevant to them in order to create a well-balanced and captivating image.

Image result for rule of thirds

For example, you can see from the photo above that the dog in fitted between the two vertical lines which makes him central to the image – resulting in a balance and purpose of the main object within the frame.

This technique aims to not only create balanced, interesting and captivating images, but allows the viewer to connect with the image more naturally.
Research has proved that when people view images, their eyes tend to naturally go to one of the 6 intersections of the grid instead of the center of the photo. Therefore this allows the photographer to take shots that will allow people to see them in a natural way instead of working against this fact.
Its quite common for cameras to have the option of displaying the grid on the view finder.


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