The Identity Of Los Angles

During my trip to LA, I visited many different and famous parts- Everything from Beverly to Venice Beach. In total i think i visited about 6 different towns which all had completely different vibes and identities.  To me, California is just amazing, there was so many different cultures and faces who are valued within the society and help create the identity of this spectacular state.


Described to me as a ‘Quirky town’ and ‘the Camden Town’ of LA, I first went to visit Venice Beach.Throughout the years, Venice beach has had the reputation of being an artistic and creative hot spot. This is shown through the inspiring and imaginative graffiti work featured all around the town. From up the sides of building and bins to round the bottom of palm trees, art was everywhere you turn.

In fact there are many forms of art within this beach town that are all valued. you have skaters showing off their skills under the sun and end of the beach and then a little market running alongside the pavement and beach full of  henna artists, painters, fortune tellers and dancers. the seafront is packed with so much talent

I liked this town a lot as I felt there was a  purpose for every body down there. no matter where your from or what your background may be, your face is valued as Everybody plays a massive part in creating the identity of this town. it felt like a town of No hierarchy and No judgement, just Self expression.

I noticed that although there are numerous homeless people throughout, they all seem happy and stick together like a family to try to keep themselves smiling. i found this warming to see  as it was almost like a community within the town which is such a rarity to see.


the next city i moved onto was Burbank – the  home to numerous entertainment industries and film studios.featured all around the town you’ll find the studios of  Warner Brothers, Walt Disney and NBC.

Burbank is the definition of the typical ‘LA dream’ in the sense that it is very celebrity/star oriented .it defiantly fits  its stereotype of people living out there who are aspiring actors/actresses in order to achieve the Hollywood dream . Burbank is the polar opposite to Venice. it more sophisticated and higher class yet still gives of a retro vibe from the old studios.


moving on, i traveled Santa Monica which is known for its stunning beach the other end of the coast to Venice.

Santa Monica Pier and the variety of features on it is perfect for everyone – varying from rides and roller coasters, beach shops, food places and photography spots.

Santa Monica is typical holiday day out with beaches, holiday food and beach stalls

After strolling around Santa Monica I felt its relaxed environment. to me this was a much higher class beach which offered a completely different atmosphere to Venice beach. just from the shopping mall you could tell it was a classy place as there was a Bloomingdale, Macys, Pandora and Sephora

Noho has become the ‘it’ town within the creative and cultivated community. This is due to different forms of arts and talents are showcased throughout. .


Noho has a sense of community, everyone is appreciative of each other and everyone is valid. The urban and edgy neighborhood has a close-knit community which is appealing to artistic individuals as they can feel accepted into the refined and bohemian community


Olvera Street is situated in downtown LA and is one of the oldest streets. The street itself is what sparked the growth of California. it is full of Mexican culture  which displays a pocket of history in such a small space. The small community has a very relaxed and full of appetizing smells

When walking down the lanes it feels as though you have stepped back in time. The streets offer a variety of traditional home cooked meals which is family oriented and therefore traditional. Although the area is small, I feel as though Olvera Street is enjoyable and gives of a friendly and happy vibe due to the decorations and bright colors of the streets and, the friendly atmosphere of the shop/market owners.


La Brea is  A heavily art inspired town with many cultural characteristics. It is also quite a trendy town, some might say a higher class Venice. A lot of the locals casually strolling around in well-tailored suits.

La Brea is known to them as the heart of LA. It is a very flat town with very few large buildings and skyscrapers. Graffiti art is largely based around current affairs and social meaning as an oppose to it just giving purpose to the original artist.

Within the center of the town there are many types of markets and stools with the occasional chain as McDonalds. Within La Brea there are a higher ratio of offices and shops than there are homes.


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