Lillie’s And Macro Lenses


its so lovely to be appreciated. when your lovely boyfriend buys you your favorite flowers i couldn’t think of a better thing to do than capture the beauty of these delicate creations of nature.

using my Nikon DSLR D90 and a budget lens from amazon here what the outcome. trust me, there was a lot of failed attempts and it took me a lot of practice but i don’t think the results came out too bad considering this was my first ever time using a macro lens.

To be fair, i have used high end lenses before in previous coursework and shoots and i think this budget lens was equally as good as Nikon and Canons Lenses.

after taking a break i looked through the pictures i had done and wasn’t entirely happy with them. so going back for another attempt i had a slightly different result.

where i had the flowers positioned on the window seal and the night was drawing in , the light had dimmed. because of this i got quite an eery look to them.

these pictures are completely unedited and i just love what they display.

i feel as if the whiteness of the flower represents purity and peace and the dark background shows all negativity and how you shouldn’t let yourself get lost in dark times.


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